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Jasmine Faulkner

Jasmine is a British-Iranian soprano, creating an innovative fusion of her classical background with an electronic and cinematic sound-world. She is set to release her debut single in 2024, marking the beginning of her journey to empower women and amplify the voices of Iranian women who have been silenced.

Jasmine's Story

"There are singers and there are singers. Then there is Jasmine Faulkner.

London-based, Guildhall-trained, the British Persian twentysomething has a voice so beautiful, so clear and powerful and light, that it doesn't just stop you in your tracks. It holds you close. Makes you feel.​.."


Bridging Musical Styles

Experience the enchanting fusion of soprano vocals, piano melodies, and electronic sounds in this captivating collaboration between Jasmine Faulkner and Jan Tabecki.

Private Performances

Customized Musical Experiences

Step into a world where the ethereal beauty of opera meets the cutting-edge allure of electronic sounds. As a soprano, Jasmine seamlessly blends traditional operatic performances with a modern twist, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for private clients.

Live Private Event

Christmas Brass

Men's FA Cup Final 2023

Christmas Brass

Men's FA Cup Final 2023

Live Performance

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