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Jasmine is a British-Iranian soprano, creating an innovative fusion of her classical background with an electronic and cinematic sound-world. She is set to release her debut single in 2024, marking the beginning of her journey to empower women and amplify the voices of Iranian women who have been silenced.

Jasmine has performed as an international soloist around the world, including singing the British and USA national anthems at the Rugby Autumn International Series. She has also performed at private luxury events in various countries such as Cairo, St. Moritz, Puglia, and Paris. Her reputation as a world-class performer has led her to sing the national anthem for both the Women’s and Men’s FA Cup Final in Wembley. Other notable performances include singing during London Fashion Week; to Royalty at Windsor Castle; performing at West End Live; at the Houses of Parliament; recording with singer-songwriter Chinchilla; and appearing on ITV’s Walk The Line with classical-crossover group Ida. She is currently on tour with the London Film Music Orchestra.

Jasmine’s classical vocal training began at the Junior department of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, a prestigious institution located in the heart of London and after completing her studies here, Jasmine went on to obtain her degree, also from the Guildhall School.

In addition to her classical vocal training, Jasmine has been involved in charitable work with Kenyan Kids, a organization that aims to help young, at-risk girls who are living below the poverty line in Kenya. She has hosted concerts and events to raise money and awareness for this cause. The money she has raised has helped to provide these girls with access to education, healthcare, and other essential resources. 


Contact Jasmine for any enquiries and to connect.

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