© 2018 by Jasmine Faulkner

"When I think of ways of describing Jasmine the first word that springs to my mind is WONDERFUL. And indeed she is wonderful as a teacher, a professional and on a personal point of view. Jasmine has been teaching my children for over a year now, my daughter achieved a Grade 5 distinction in Singing last year and will now be sitting Grade 6 in the summer. My son had lost confidence in his musical ability and had a very negative attitude towards singing. Jasmine was able to change that around in a very short period of time. My son now very happily sings with her and for us at times, was selected to sing for his school senior choir and has a very high profile audition coming up.  I cannot recommend Jasmine highly enough and I am very grateful for her dedication and her professionalism. She brings a breath of fresh air when she walks in." E.V.        

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