"When I think of ways of describing Jasmine the first word that springs to my mind is wonderful. And indeed she is wonderful as a teacher, a professional and on a personal point of view. Jasmine has been teaching my children for over a year now, my daughter achieved a Grade 5 distinction in Singing last year and will now be sitting Grade 6 in the summer. My son had lost confidence in his musical ability and had a very negative attitude towards singing. Jasmine was able to change that around in a very short period of time. My son now very happily sings with her and for us at times, was selected to sing for his school senior choir and has a very high profile audition coming up.  I cannot recommend Jasmine highly enough and I am very grateful for her dedication and her professionalism. She brings a breath of fresh air when she walks in."



"Jasmine is a wonderful music teacher. She has been my son’s singing teacher for 5 years. She has consistently been a skillful, nuanced and wonderfully creative musical influence on my son. Over the period of his weekly lessons I have watched him flourish and his enjoyment in music grow and diversify and this is reflected in the ingenious and fun termly family music concerts that they enjoy working towards and performing. Jasmine is a delightful presence in the family and very responsive to the needs of the child, providing child led learning effortlessly. As well as inspiring a love of music she is also able to fit in with ordinary family life in a very natural way and she clearly enjoys being around families. She is straight forward, easy to talk to and very reliable. Jasmine has built a safe, supportive and robust relationship with my son and he really looks forward to spending time with her and this has of course enhanced his capacity to learn. Jasmine is a highly skilled and talented teacher who is sensitive and responsive to the needs of her students and adapts her technique to bring out the best of their talents and their love of music. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone of any age looking for a music teacher." 



"Jasmine is a very professional music teacher, who has a great love for music and I have seen her pass that love for music to my 9 year old son. My son, before meeting Jasmine, did his lessons as his duty to learn, but after a few classes with her he started loving his music lessons and has become quite confident. I’m glad she has actually made him love music...and not just learn it." 


Age 12

"I have had Jasmine as a teacher for a year and a half now and she is the best teacher I could ever ask for. It all started when my previous teacher left me just before I took my grade 5. I had no one to teach me and therefore couldn’t take the exam. I asked my violin teacher if he knew any teachers and he recommended Jasmine. When I first started with her, I was a bit scared because I didn’t know what to expect. But at the end of that month, I had already learnt so much more than I had with my other teacher. In lessons we work on pieces for an upcoming exam, concert or just for fun. We also work on aural and sight singing. During the time I have been with Jasmine, I have taken grade 5 and 6. Jasmine has helped me so much I don’t know what I would have done without her."


Age 80

"I decided that I would like Jasmine to give me singing lessons ten months ago after listening in to a singing lesson Jasmine gave my grand daughter. Since then, in the main, Jasmine has given me a weekly lesson and she has more than fulfilled my expectations. The lessons have been enjoyable and Jasmine has patiently tailored the exercises and pieces worked on to suit my needs. Thanks to Jasmine I feel I have made a great deal of progress. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jasmine to any one looking for a singing teacher." 


Age 10

"Jasmine is a wonderful singing teacher and is constantly teaching me new songs. She has been teaching me for six years and I think that this has clearly changed my voice. Her lessons are fun and she is always calm and jovial. I am always enthusiastic about her lessons and I never want to stop taking them."